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I have pain in my lower back, what do I need to help this??

Remedial Therapies or Bodywork involves a variety of treatment strategies for muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue problems. Treatment can help to reduce pain, tension and discomfort, improve posture, improve blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage and enhance the immune system and promotes healing.

Bowen Technique

Bowen is not a normal massage. It is a non-invasive system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. A series of soft tissue movements are performed, using a gentle roll or series of moves across the muscle and connective tissue. This helps release muscle spasms, reduce tension, relieves congestion and trapped energy is released.

This results in the elimination of toxins, which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and re-aligns the body. The muscle becomes more flexible and improves through better hydration and supply of nutrients to its cells. In most instances, work will be done on the massage table and it is best to wear loose clothing and non-restricting underwear. The vascular, lymphatic and nervous systems will be able to function more efficiently after a Bowen treatment.


This is a different variation of techniques that is similar to Bowen. This is all about loosening the tension of muscles.

Muscle Kinesiology

This utilises applications from Kinesiology techniques to assist in the restoration of postural balance and movement performance dynamics.

Muscle Retensioning Technique

This technique has been developed over the last 10 years by John Holodnak. The focus of this technique is to release tight, tense muscles, tendons and ligaments that distort and twist the body’s postural alignment. The concept of this technique works with the body’s synchronised, switching and polarity system that influences the workings of the muscles, ligaments etc. This technique is a gentle, non-invasive application that can be applied through loose, light clothing whether it be lying down or standing up.

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