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DNA Reprogramming for Health Practitioners.

This 60 minute Free Webinar will give you an insight to what the DNA Reprogramming System for Practitioners is all about. This is a powerful, non-invasive system that will help you in achieving better outcomes with clients and assist with improving your practice.

DNA Reprogramming System for Practitioners

This is a system that teaches health practitioners how to improve the function of the DNA genes. DNA Genes contain different programs that drive the body functions. This can relate to the physical, chemical, mental and emotional traits. All of these are intertwined. One affects the other.

You may use naturopathic strategies (diet & lifestyle changes with natural medicine) to improve the quality of the individual`s genetics, but this this does not mean you have changed how the core DNA genetic programs are functioning to a great degree.
We need a closer look at the core dynamics of the programs. Resetting or rebalancing the programs to clear distortions, etc is the aim.

Remember, we all started with clear undistorted programs, but life, circumstances, events, etc got in the way and created distortions and malfunctioning of the DNA programs. When this became unresolved, this contributed to hereditary issues and compromised living. We can stay this way or improve this.

Family Traits

There are family traits that relate to the physical body. For example, facial features and body structure.

Chemical family traits can be hormonal (blood sugar, thyroid, sex), cardiovascular (blood pressure, heart conditions) or lymphatic which can lead onto stiffness, fatigue, swelling, and poor drainage.

There can be certain behaviours, family mannerisms and stress coping family traits, which can lead onto poor coping mechanisms, digestive imbalances, anxiety, fear depression and poor thinking ability.

These traits are seen within families and often occur at the same age or time within people`s lives and affect the way people run their lives. Look at your own family and see what the family traits are, which side they came from and how far back this can go.

Like computer programs (software) our DNA programs can get corrupted and have glitches. Some software programs can be repaired, re-initialised and sometimes they are permanently corrupted beyond repair.

Something to Strongly Consider for Your Clients

This Free Webinar will give you an insight on how it has affected people and how they have been helped to reach a more fulfilling life with ease.

The whole purpose of the DNA Reprogramming System is to address hereditary conditions, improve the quality of life and allow the body to function more effectively and efficiently.

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register for this Free Webinar.

It is worth considering.

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