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So what do I need to fix my health issue ??

This is what John decides will be appropriate and discusses this with you to see if you are happy with this or not.

Below are a number of possible naturopathic health strategy options

Diet – Nutrition

The whole idea of eating food is for the purpose of converting it into usuable energy so we can function adequately. Everyone is different and it is important to eat according to your body type and make up, as this makes us individuals.

When the maker designed us and put us onto the planet, they put us into the surroundings that we could get nourishment from. This was plant life vegetation (leaves, roots, fruits, nuts and seeds) and creatures (animals, fish, birdlife and insects). There was no chemical processing plants for modifying food, adding preservatives / chemicals nor was there any fast takeaway food bars. They designed our digestive systems appropriately so we could chew, breakdown, assimiliate, absorb and have energy from our surrounding food supply to give us energy and then discard what was waste product.

Today our bodies function a little diferent than our ancestors, some for the better and some for the not so better. What has made the difference and challenge is processing of foods and the feel good eating regime, designed by marketing social media. This can severely compromise our health.

What one peron can eat, doesn`t allow another to eat due to sensitivities, different body make-ups, genetics, DNA and blood chemistry. Some people cant tolerate cow based milk and dairy, whilst others can. The same applies to gluten, wheat products, sugar foods and products, fermented type of foods, etc. This makes us all different.

Through iridology, allergy testing or blood testing, this can open the door to see what types of foods, you as the individual, can tolerate and not tolerate. The key thing is eating according to your body type so it doesn`t compromise your body and digestive system otherwise problems (allergies, pain, bloating, arthritis, colitis, etc) start to develop.

The key factor that is important is to eat according to how your make up (constitutional body type / blood chemistry, etc) is. This allows us to get the best efficiency of energy output and feel great. Ensuring that your digestive function is working well (enzymes, juices, breakdown process, absorption process, elimination process).

General balance of clean, unprocessed foods is essential. Proteins (animal / vegetable based), different coloured vegetables (4-6 different colours), fruits, carbohydrates, clean oils and natural fats, seeds and nuts, water in varying proportions to suit individuals are important. This depends on your individual body type and genetic make up.

Watching and being aware of what foods create problems for us as individuals as this will affect us in varying ways. Alot of the time it is the excess consumption of similar types of foods (cow based dairy, wheat-gluten, sugar, etc) and chemicals that cause many problems.

An individual assessment will help determine how you should eat for your body type and make up.

Dietary Strategies

These dietary strategies are developed and designed after you have been tested and assessed –  iridology, allergy testing, blood tests, other tests on the market, etc.

This is about designing something individual to you. The purpose of this is to minimise allergies, digestive issues, wanting to lose weight or stabilise your weight, make your body run more efficiently, have more energy output.

There are all sorts of dietary strategies, weight loss diets, detox diets, candida diets, eat right for your body type diets, low/high GI diets, high/low protein diets, paleo diets, fruit and vegetable diets, etc. They all have a place. They can suit some and not others. 

What is interesting in the marketing world, if a diet proves successful for 3-10% of the population then it is deemed successful and it is about the money marketing game as there are always many experts to assist you and take your money and run.

What is important here that will help you, the individual, more effectively is to have a dietary strategy / eating plan that will suit your body type and what you want it to achieve. What this means, do you want the diet to assist you to lose weight / increase your body mass index / you are preparing for a triathalon and require your body to perform efficiently / just feel better about yourself and what you see in the mirror.

The idea what I do here for you is look at how I can make your body function more efficiently on a individual basis. Iridology is one window that allows me to assist here. Kinesiology testing is another. I look at your efficency of digestability (enzyme function capacity, digestive process, liver process, pancreas – blood sugar processing, your thyriod functioning ability, your ability to convert food into usuable fuel process, ability to disgard your waste, the ability of clearing lactic acid, etc. At times if I need you to get blood tests then I will request that this is done via your doctor or one of the pathology laboratories that I deal with. 

At times, but not always, there may be the use of certain types of medicines – vitamins, mineral therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathics, changing mindsets. The idea is to assist the functioning performance or restore certain vitals on how your body may need to function.

Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine is derived from natural plants that have certain medicinal properties. Many herbs are rich in natural compounds that have a beneficial effect on certain tissues and organs and therefore can be used as medicines to treat and stimulate the natural ability of the body or prevent the disease condition. Herbs are almost programmed to go to the areas of the body that they need to work and relating to their medicinal properties that best serve those body systems and areas.

Medicinal herbs are prescribed generally by naturopaths and herbalists. They may use tablet formulations, liquids, dried herbal forms, herbal teas, powders, ointments.

John, the naturopath and herbalist, often uses liquid herbal extracts because of the fact that he can mix different herbs together to serve multiple functions to assist the body in its recovery factor. At times John will make a ointment for external use that will have different medicinal herbs to assist with a problem area. Depending on the health condition will depend on the form that herbs may need to be taken.




Homoeopathy is a drug free form of medical treatment in which remedies are used in minute concentrations. These substances come from plant, animal and mineral sources. They may be taken in the form of drops or pills.

 “Like cures like”. Homoeopathic medicines send signals to the body on this basis Homoeopathic remedies are specially prepared as minute doses and are carefully selected on the basis of the client’s health condition, personality, characteristics and own personal experience of the health condition. After using the correct remedy, the patient experiences the disappearance of symptoms and improvement in general health and an overall sense of wellbeing.


Flower Essences

Flower essences are safe and powerful remedies. These medicines are used to help the emotional wellbeing of patients as well as for conditions of stress and trauma. They are administered similar to homoeopathic medicines (liquid drops).

Weight Management

There are different factors that can contribute to weight issues. Some of these factors can be related to unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating patterns and lack of exercise. Other factors can relate to metabolism issues (eg – underactive thyriod; sex hormone imbalances; bloodsugar imbalances; liver issues; poor sluggish digestive functioning; etc). At times, it can relate to emotional issues.

Being overweight can be caused from unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits that in turn creates serious health issues. This can be directly linked to many disease processes such as cardiovascular health and blood pressure, muscle and joint disease, hormonal irregularities, infertility and diabetes. It is essential to have good eating habits and lifestyle choices for optimum good health. Diet, exercise and weight loss is beneficial for digestive health, less bloating, wind etc, glowing skin, shiny hair, increased self confidence, more energy, increased libido. Looking great and feeling good. The clinic has weight loss programmes available that are easy to follow and can fit into any daily routine. With our expertise and your willpower you will be feeling the benefits in no time and discover it is well worth the commitment.

Allergy Rebalancing & Desensitising

Allergy testing can identify the cause of allergies and intolerances to foods, chemicals, pollutants plants etc. There has been a number of techniques developed and discovered that relate to body circuit breakers switches. These relate to master points on the body. There are techniques used with these points that assist with resetting body circuit breakers and rebalancing the body energy systems. This results in greatly reducing the allergy symptoms and hence improving the quality of life for the individual that has lived with allergy symptoms. The rebalancing of the body also unblocks energy pathways that have contributed towards allergy and intolerance reactions.

Fertility Management

Infertility problems can be related to either the male and/or the female. It takes two to make the magic happen. When there are challenges there can be many contributing issues. For males, there can be low sperm count, stress, chemical toxicity, blood sugar imbalances, poor diet and lifestyle issues, to name a few. For females, there can be hormonal imbalance problems and/or cycle irregularities, PCOD, endometriosis, stress, poor diet and lifestyle issues, emotional challenges, etc. Individual assessments are done to address where possible imbalances are occurring and appropriate strategies are implemented (diet changes, herbal/homoeopathic fertility support, acupuncture, kinesiology, bowen, remedial therapies, etc). These assist with helping to conceive naturally. It is important for couples to prepare their body`s appropriately to ensure that there is a good chance of conception, holding the pregnancy and preparing to delivery so as to result with having a healthy strong baby. Couples that are using IVF programs can use supportive therapies as mentioned above. The centre, with its qualified practitioners, has helped many couples with the facilitation of the conception of many healthy babies.

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