Stem Cell Therapy

About 3 months ago, John decided to do Stem Cell Therapy on his knees (Land R). John had his knees gradually wear out until there was little tissue and cartilage present as it had worn away. With all sorts of supplements and some anti-infammatories, John ha pain averaging 12/10.. This was a existence. Most people normally get titanium joint replacement but John decided to explore stem cell therapy as a alternative. After a 3 hour procedure with a local anesthetic John had liposuction (best stem cells come from abdominal belly fat) followed by stem cells injected into his knees and then carefully walked out to go home and rest. Week by week there has been improvement. Presently after 3 months, the pain in the left knee is 0-2 and right knee is about 3-4 out of 10. It takes about 12 months to fully regenerate. John is starting to walk and move around carefully unaided. At the end of 12 months, the goal is to be able to walk at least 5+ kms and go back to dancing.

Stem Cell therapy has been undergoing trials in Aust for the last 7 years and just recently (July 2019), stem cell procedures has gone from being performed in private practice to now into the hospital system. This is the new technology of the future and eventually will replace titanium joint replacements. How cool is that.


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